We Celebrate Impact.

We champion all of life’s moments. That’s why for the last 100 years we’ve provided people with the life-changing disability services they need.

Easterseals Southern California is focused on changing the way the world defines and views disability by making profound, positive, differences in people’s lives every day.

We are proud to share the many ways that we impact the lives of people of all ages so that they can fully live, learn, work and play in their communities.

“To compare the
original child to the
child today is just
incredible. Easterseals’
philosophy was,
‘Whatever is best
for this particular
individual, that’s what
we’re going to do.’
That’s when the real
progress started.”


“I am just a huge, huge, huge proponent of early intervention,” Joaquin’s mom, Sara, says emphatically. “If you start early and really commit to it and work with a dedicated organization like Easterseals, the possibilities are endless.”

“I got mistreated because
of the way I am. Thanks
to Easterseals, now
I want to make
my voice heard,
to become
an activist
and use that platform
to let people know that
they can feel good
about themselves.”


“I think music saved my life,” Keshaun explains, referring to a difficult life at home growing up, being bullied in high school because of his autism and past challenges with anxiety, depression, anger management and aggression.

“Every little thing she does is a
great accomplishment for her.
But the support and encouragement
of the teachers and everyone at
Easterseals, whatever she wants to try
in class, definitely added to her growth
or I don’t think she’d be where she
is now.”


“To see her stand and take those first few steps just made my heart melt. I wanted to scream because I was so excited, but I knew it would scare her,” laughs Savannah’s mom Stephanie.

“When Easterseals
came into my life, it
was in shambles. I
would fall asleep with
my phone in my hand
looking for help.

But Easterseals
believed in me
and listened
to me.”


“It’s hard being a mom of kids with special needs. It has been a life-changing experience for my whole family. I got to see how strong I am.”

“It is very important
for me to have a job
and be able to work.

It increases my independence
level. Nothing can hold me
back. It makes me happier
and more self-confident.”


“We’re happy to have her on our staff,” says Nitu Chopra, the store manager and Jasmine’s supervisor. “She’s an asset, a hard worker who cares about her job.”

“Easterseals helped direct me
on the path I needed to go
and offered me the resources
to be able to do it.

They helped me build a career that
I had never dreamed of and I love it.
My wife told me she has never seen
me so happy.”


Today Eddie is employed as a Construction Safety Manager. Additionally, he teaches Safety courses and is completing his A.A. degree with plans to transfer to a Cal State University to get his B.A.